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Your MBI dossier is built using eight relatively simple questions. Our partners at Pro-Ondernemer invest a lot of time and energy into informing and bringing together MBI candidates based on these dossiers.

MBI opportunities are being lost due to an incorrect approach to MBI candidates. It is therefore important to fill in the questions in an open and honest manner. This prevents us from introducing you to MBI options that do not suit you and helps us link you to those MBI options that do fit your needs. Therefore, please read the questions carefully. Certain questions have multiple answers, other questions will only require one answer.

If it later shows that an MBI candidate has not answered the questions realistically in the opinion of Pro-Ondernemer, especially regarding budget, the Pro-Ondernemer retains the right to make a note or destroy the corresponding MBI-dossier.

For any questions, suggestions or comments, please send an email to
See via this link the dutch management buy-in form.

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The information you provide will be solely and exclusively used for correspondence and contact between Pro-Ondernemer and you. This information is not disclosed to third parties, only after consultation and permission.

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